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Field Trip Planting Tulips
March 26, 2007 (photos by GRTS)

Mr. Black pulled the bulbs they were forcing
out of refrigeration to show the students the progress.

Rosie Smith's class came out to the Litton Agri-Science Learning Center to complete their lesson on planting tulips. The classes first trip was this fall where they learned all about plants, planting bulbs, and forcing tulip bulbs. The trip in March they got to see the product of the forced bulbs, planted 25 bulbs in the flower bed, and got a special visit with the animals. This trip was made possible by the Litton Center Mini Grant Program.

Mr. Black was showing the students
the animals out at the Litton Center.
This is "Betty" the goat.
Students were planting the bulbs
in the Litton Center flower beds.

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