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Litton Ag Center Summer Intern Profile: Paige McCrory
C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke
June 21, 2011

Paige McCrory, currently a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and originally from Clarksville, Missouri, began her summer internship at the Litton Ag Center on Tuesday, May 31. She works as an assistant in multiple aspects of the Ag Center, from the paperwork side of things to the down and dirty of dealing with livestock and their pens on the campus. McCrory is seeking a degree in agriculture education, a family tradition of sorts, as she says every member of her family with a degree has it in ag ed.

Why she's in the news:
McCrory recently began a summer internship at the Litton Ag Center, which will likely last until August. "I've learned a lot," she says. "I kind of thought I knew the ropes, like I said, but I learned that there's a lot more in depth and there's a lot more - everything has to have paperwork to it."

About her background:
Originally from the small farming town of Clarksville, Mo., McCrory, 20, says she graduated from a class of 22 and is quoted as being from a "super small" family. She is currently a junior at Mizzou, studying Agriculture Education. "Every person that has a degree in my family is Ag Ed," she says. She is engaged to Cody Brock of Stet.

Hobbies and other interests:

Favorite Animal: Short-horn cattle
Favorite Movie: 8 Seconds
Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds
Favorite Music Genre: Country
Favorite Singer/Band: Dolly Parton

In her own words:
"One thing is, Chillicothe - they have THE best facilities in the state of Missouri, hands down. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before. The kids and the opportunities they have here - you might as well learn from the best."

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