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Young Farm Wives Meeting

On March 26, 2007, the Young Farm Wives hosted the Chillicothe FFA Speakers at the Farm Credit Services Building at their weekly meeting. The speakers that participated were the Parliamentary Procedure team: Colton Allen, Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Juliane Beck (alternate), Tyler Dietzschold, Angela Quick, Ben Radcliff, and Beth Skipper (alternate); Creed Speaker: Jon Black; Prepared Public Speaking Division II Speakers: Jacob Caughron, Tyler Dietzschold, and Meredith Jones; Prepared Public Speaking Division I: Amber Kieffer. The students presented their speeches and skit to help prepare them to compete at Area contest to be held March 27, 2007.

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Annual Meeting January 18, 2006

The annual meeting of the Chillicothe FFA Alumni was held on January 18, 2006, at 5:30 PM at the Grand River Technical School. Supper was served consisting of soup, sandwiches, and dessert. Officers present included Susan Davis, President; Jennifer Clark, Vice-President; and Brenda Kerr, Secretary. Ag teachers Rusty Black, Keith Dietzschold, Jim Grozinger, and Leda Schreiner were also present.

There were several items discussed at this meeting.

It was announced that all FFA Alumni members are invited to attend the FFA week breakfast to be held at the Litton Center on February 17, 2006. Breakfast is served from 6:00 8:00 AM.

Jim Grozinger gave a report on the Agriculture Future of American (AFA) scholarship. AFA currently funds two high school senior scholarships to attend the AFA convention in Kansas City. They are currently looking into other possibilities besides a breakfast meeting.

Members were asked to volunteer to help choose FFA award winners from applications submitted, serve the FFA banquet, clean up FFA banquet, serve on the Litton Board, recruit new members, chaperone Barnwarming, work at the cattle show the 2nd weekend in May, and work at the hog show the first weekend in June. A sign up sheet was passed around.

Dues were also discussed. It was decided to keep dues at $10 per family to remain a member at the local level. If members wish to have their names submitted to state and national level, dues are $15. Those paying dues thus far include: Mike Resor, Ron Wolf, Jennifer Clark, John & Mary Quinn, Will & Susan Davis, David Williams, Scott & Heather Davis, Lori Long, Chris Baker, Larry Meyers, Danny Hoyt, Rick Surber, Todd Mustain, Suzi Beck, Radcliff family, Anthony & Leda Schreiner, Rusty & Kari Black, Brenda Kerr, Charles Kerr, Larry Meyers, Paula Way, Julie Basse, and Larry Meek.

FFA Alumni officers were discussed. The offices are on a three-year rotation. Susan Davis, president, will complete her term in January of 2007. Jennifer Clark will become president, and Brenda Kerr will become vice-president. A new secretary will be needed at that time. It was decided that Jennifer Clark would also sign checks for the FFA Alumni for the upcoming year.

Discussion was held regarding adopting new FFA members parents. First time FFA members and their parents would be paired with FFA Alumni parents who could answer many of their questions and help them become more familiar with the FFA organization. Volunteers will be needed.

Will Davis gave a report on the bred gilt sale held in December 2005 as well as the hog show that was held in June 2005. The bred gilt sale brought in $1264; the hog show $2012. Both help fund many activities throughout the year. All the candy bars that are donated help increase the profits from the concession stand. It was agreed upon that we should send thank you cards to the sponsors of these shows.

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